Cackle Comedy Productions


Cackle Comedy Productions Started in September 2017.

Cackle Comedy Productions Started in September 2017.


It all started when…

After working on live sketch comedy with Mullet’s Night Show and improv at Second City, Hilary had the idea to start a company that produces short comedic films. The company’s name was inspired by how Hilary’s husband describes her boisterous laugh as a “cackle”. “Fertility Nag Bot” was the first script written and produced and launched on Youtube in September 2017. Various comedic actors, writers, and talented crew members have jumped on board Cackle Comedy’s films. “Fertility Nag Bot”, “Clear Aligners are for Everyone”, and “Rec. Hockey Wives” screened in the Vox Popular Media Arts Festival in September 2018. “Fertility Nag Bot” also screened in the Toronto Sketch Comedy Film Festival in March 2019.

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Writer, Director, Editor, Voice-over: Hilary June Hart Cast in Order of Appearance: Pat Pariselli, Hilary June Hart, Alexandra Statham, Tanu Ravi, Danie Friesen, Sandra Kirsten, Carina Cojeen, Kira Ayukawa, Cora Matheson, Seth Drabinsky, Jessie Fraser, Rosalina Cleverton, Renee Salewski. Director of Photography: Elana Dunkelman Assistant Directors: Cydney Penner, Rachael Dolan.


Cackle Productions presents Rec. Hockey Wives, a comedy sketch about 4 Canadian women who cheer on their husbands' hockey games. They are the biggest fans in the rink. They are also the only fans in the rink. It's rec. hockey. Starring Alexandra Statham as Jessie, Karen Scobie as Nikki, Becky Robinson as Kristy, and Hilary June Hart as Meg.

Directed by Rachael Dolan and Cydney Penner. Written by Hilary June Hart. Starring Pamela Fu, Hilary June Hart, Alexandra Statham, and Olaf and Sven the guinea pigs.

Directed by Hilary June Hart. Written by Ron Fromstein. Starring Cassie Barradas as Brenda, Decoy as Jasper the dog.

Written and Directed by Hilary June Hart. Starring Paige Goodman as Jill and Hilary June Hart as Jill's sister. Cinematography by Brandon McFarlane.

Directed by Cydney Penner. Written by Hilary June Hart. Starring Robert Murphy, Hilary June Hart and Darren Joy. Director of Photography Nathan Reinholds.

Written by Rachel Manson. Directed by Hilary June Hart. Starring Rachel Manson and Sarah Ashby. Produced by Derrick O’Toole. Cinematography by Adam Gaudreault.

Written by Lindsay Ellis, Directed by Hilary June Hart Produced by Derrick O'Toole, Cinematography by Adam Gaudreault Editing and Music Composition by Hilary June Hart Graphics by Derrick O'Toole Cast in order of appearance: Amelia Ritthaler Lindsay Ellis Ryan Maksymic Alex Crawford Irina Mann Mary Phan James Robin Gerus Darren Joy Special thanks to Paddy N' Rob.

Written By Rachel Manson, Directed By Hilary June Hart,Produced By Derrick O'Toole, Cinematography by Adam Gaudreault, Editing and Music Composition By Hilary June Hart, Voice-over By Rachel Manson

Cast In Order of Appearance: Rachel Manson, Hilary June Hart, Lindsay Ellis, Mary Phan, Yaw Attuah

Parental Advisory Explicit Content.

Written by Rachel Manson Directed by Hilary June Hart Producers: Anna Jane Edmonds, Derrick O'Toole, Hilary June Hart Cast: Hipster Girl: Rachel Manson Selfie Stick Girl: Cydney Connell Woke Guy: Jackson Rowe Angry Boomer: James Robin Gerus Director of Photography: Shakithyan Niranjan Editor: Alex Lyon Sound Mixer: Cydney Penner Boomer's Hair and Makeup: Bianca Alongi Key Grip: Prasanna Paul Gaffer: Will Dano Script Supervisor: Lisa Feingold Music: Bensound Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC by 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library Special Thanks to Ilsdjel Collective.

Essential Oils- a comedy sketch by Cackle Comedy Productions Written by Lindsay Ellis, Directed by Cydney Penner Produced by Hilary June Hart and Derrick O'Toole Starring: Lindsay Ellis, Madeline Leon, Mary Phan Additional Cast: Josh Sanger and Ashley Cooper Background: Danielle Stein, Hilary June Hart, Danie Friesen, Jill Dickieson Cinematography by: Luke Peters Music and Editing by: Hilary June Hart Special Thanks to: Michael McKenzie, Danie Friesen, and the Red House Music Academy